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Go digital:
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Machines and things are able to control even complex processes independently, product life cycles are shorter, and the knowledge of customers is becoming increasingly important: data is the new gold. Data helps create new business models and determine a potential of business success.

Devoteam M Cloud supports you with a wide know-how in IoT, cloud, managed services, customer journey and digital workplace. Our digitization portfolio helps you meet your IT requirements, bring digital business models to the market, or innovative services based on customers’ data.

Our Areas of Expertise

Industry 4.0 / Internet of Things

Correctly implementing the current challenges means for companies: Simply digitize. Integration of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) Innovations, new business models – easier, faster and more productive with  Devoteam M Cloud.

Intelligent customer loyalty

To be well prepared for the future means for companies: Simply digitize. Smart customer loyalty programs, Customer Success Management (OneID), social media – everything easier and faster with Devoteam M Cloud.

Digital Workplace

To fully exploit the entrepreneurial potential means for companies: Simply digitize. Efficiency in global business processes and collaboration – easier, faster and more efficient with Devoteam M Cloud.

Your Advantages with Devoteam M Cloud

Go digital mit Alegri

Make digitization simple

Thanks to our experience and expertise, you can obtain the design and implementation of your digitization projects from a single source. As a strong cloud service partner and provider of managed services, Devoteam M Cloud can assist you with advice and technical implementation across multiple types of software.

Go digital mit Alegri

Just be more productive

The consulting approach of Devoteam M Cloud is holistic. To help you connect with your customers and drive your customers’ customer journey to success, our 360 ° view will help you across all channels. This offers you the opportunity to raise hidden potential and to develop new business models.

Go digital mit Alegri

Understand your customers correctly

With the Digital Workplace from Devoteam M Cloud, you benefit from the interaction of all software products – smooth, cost-optimized, simple. You can improve your business processes and increase process efficiency. This makes information exchange more effective and enhances business collaboration.

Your Guide To Digital Transformation

Get ready for your company’s successful digital future! Read more in the white paper on “Digital Transformation.”

Are you unsure how to approach the digital transformation?

Are you having difficulty estimating the costs, effort, and risks?

Are you in need of a general overview of the opportunities the digital transformation offers?

– Devoteam M Cloud can provide support with its broad experience from various different projects in different industries.

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