Remote Working – Human and Organisational Requirements Are In Focus

Creating the technical basic conditions for remote working is only one of the many challenges one has to overcome. To ensure a functional and productive communication and collaboration, especially the human factor and the interaction in organisation have to be put in focus.

When a team is sterically separated from one another, random encounters in the gangways or in the kitchen are omitted. Visiting your colleague’s desk is not possible either. That way, the sterical distance can cause problems: Whom can I shortly discuss and develop my ideas with? Is anybody interested in my progress? Separation and lack of communication can cause a feeling of frustration after a few days only. To prevent this, it is necessary to create a conscious feeling of working as a team. But how is it possible to lead and connect a team that can’t get together physically? How do you virtually create a positive work environment and corporate feeling?


Challenge for Managers: Leading a Virtual Team

Supervisors and team-leaders benefit from the knowledge and the ability to lead a team virtually. This is the only way one can initialise a digital social exchange successfully and foster it constantly.

In remote working, employees don’t go to work, but work comes to the employees.

9:30 in the morning? Pyjamas or a suit? Sitting at your desk or taking your laptop to the sofa? Working from home is arranged differently by every employee. Supervisors have to have trust in their employees and have to let go of control. For example, if someone has to take care of their kids they might need more flexibility. And how do you deal with a family member or a flatmate interrupting an online-conference? How can meeting-culture and individual circumstances both be contained? Which rules concerning availability, ways of communication, update-frequency, closing time, etc. can be used to prevent misunderstandings and to foster transparency?


Get Your Company Fit for Remote Working

In an online workshop we will develop with you:

  • Empowering executive managers to lead teams virtually
  • Enabling effective and efficient virtual collaboration for employees
  • Developing and implementing rules vor virtual collaboration
  • Reducing virtual challenges or even barriers
  • Establishing mechanisms for regular exchange in teams and divisions
  • Configuring spaces for informal and personal exchange quickly and easily
  • Executing digital meetings constructively and successfully


Besides human aspects, technical requirements should also be fulfilled:

  • Can the employee access required applications and documents?
  • Is a regular communication with one another ensured?
  • Are technical requirements like terminal equipment and internet connection complied?

We support you!

We will gladly support you with providing and optimising technical basic conditions for remote working.

If you and your company are interested in becoming remote working heroes, contact us to book an individually personalized workshop!