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Systems, devices, and objects exchange (sensor) information, synchronize it, and use it to control complex procedures autonomously. The product becomes part of the service offer and this forms the basis for steady company growth.

This involves gathering data, analyzing and evaluating it, and making decisions on the basis of it. Digital processes and products are designed by means of agile software development and DevOps, while the technical and cost-related implementation is performed via data storage and operation in the cloud.

Devoteam M Cloud provides assistance with its diverse skills in the areas of Industry 4.0/Internet of things, cloud, and managed IoT services.

Our Areas of Expertise

Full Managed IoT Services

Devoteam M Cloud offers full managed IoT services from a single source:

  • Updates “over the air”
  • Reporting overviews
  • Monitoring
  • Operation
  • Consulting/implementation

Product/Service Digitization

The digitization of and between products, services, and customers opens up new opportunities for companies to interact with their clients beyond the product life cycle and the customer’s current consumption status. Existing back-end systems can be integrated into digital business, thereby allowing sales models to be converted by means of data acquisition. Product, sales, marketing, and customer service come together and can create new business models together.

Predictive Maintenance

Products are being digitized and enable predictive maintenance, which helps to reduce device downtimes. This increases security and customer satisfaction, and additional services enable the generation of new business models.

Data is collected via sensors and connectors, evaluated in the cloud, and immediately transmitted to a dashboard for reporting to and alerting the employees. This transmission is, of course, also mobile. This allows you to generate added value for your customers, increase availability, and protect investments.

IoT Innovation Assessment

Our IoT Innovation Assessment provides you with the support necessary for the swift and effective analysis, design, and implementation of IoT in your company.

  • Examination of internal and customer processes in order to determine and analyze problem spaces (with multi-disciplinary teams and design thinking).
  • Development of ideas for solutions, preparation of rudimentary prototypes for the generation and validation of ideas.
  • These are brought to development, and technological fields of action are iteratively elaborated for the purpose of agile development of the solution space (e.g. according to Scrum) as well as simpler expansions in the future.

Your Advantages with Devoteam M Cloud

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IoT ``from the socket``

With its ``IoT from the socket``, Devoteam M Cloud offers, in addition to full managed IoT services, its IoT solutions from a single source:

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  • Consulting, applications
  • Integration, development
  • Application – cloud analysis
  • IoT cloud management
  • Connectivity and devices
Mit IoT zu mehr Wettbewerbsfähigkeit

Agile development teams, DevOps

Devoteam M Cloud supports the rapid and smooth implementation of IoT projects in your company including agile application, DevOps and DaaS:

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  • with the agile, well attuned, x-functional development teams at Devoteam M Cloud
  • with certified expertise in Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.
  • with DaaS (development as a service): On site, remote, or nearshore
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Cloud and managed services

Cloud makes IoT possible. As a cloud service provider and managed services partner, Devoteam M Cloud offers you all the options from a single source:

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  • The cloud allows you to determine the resources and costs of your projects in an optimum way. M Cloud is the leading Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner and a Leader in the current “ISG Provider Lens – Germany 2017 Cloud Transformation/Operations Services & XaaS.”
  • Our “AzureResize Self Service” enables you to manage your cloud consumption more effectively and reduce your costs considerably.
  • Development and operations are often interconnected. Our managed services provide effective and efficient support for your projects.
Mit IoT zu mehr Wettbewerbsfähigkeit

The right methodology for IoT

With our IoT innovation assessment, you benefit from Devoteam M Cloud's well-proven methodology of design thinking, DevOps and agile realization:

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  • Analysis, Design, and Implementation
  • Focused on the permanent optimization of the solution
  • In due consideration of the highest levels of quality and agility

How to approach IoT

at your company

Introduce Industry 4.0/IoT at your company – it’s a simple and smooth process.

You can find an overview of our IoT portfolio and the method applied by the our IoT Innovation Assessment here.

You want to realize IoT quickly and easily?

You would prefer IoT “out of the socket”?

You want a concept, an implementation and operation of IoT from a single source?

– Devoteam M Cloud supports you in an agile and professional way with its Full Service IoT Portfolio.

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